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The Bachelor contestant Ivana Noble hopes to manifest true love with Clayton Echard. For season 26, Ivana and a group of female contestants will try to persuade Clayton that they are meant to be given a red rose. Ivana is ready for love after dating almost every type of man possible. Behind the gorgeous smile, there is a lot to Ivana from her age, job, and Instagram.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Ivana Noble and Clayton Echard on The Bachelor Season 26 in 2022.]

Ivana Noble for 'The Bachelor' Season 2 wearing green blouse and smiling.

Ivana Noble for ‘The Bachelor’ Season 2 | Ricky Middlesworth via ABC

Who is Ivana Noble on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 with Clayton Echard?

Ivana has a dating backstory many fans will relate to. According to her official The Bachelor bio on ABC’s website, she “calls herself a multi-dater who has dated every type of man NYC has to offer.” After unsuccessfully finding the right man, she joins the show to find love with the former NFL player.

When looking for the ideal man, Ivana has a list of requirements. Above all, her partner has to connect with her and love all kinds of animals. She hopes to one day have a dog and different exotic animals. It is a good thing that The Bachelor fans know Clayton loves dogs.

Fans will have to see if Ivana’s perfect date will come true. She explains the perfect date involves dancing naked in the rain, followed by cuddling after her partner washes her hair. Clayton is in for a fun time with Ivana as her interests include clubbing, gardening, and consignment shopping. 

How old is Ivana Noble and what does she do for a living?

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Some fans might be stunned to learn what the 31-year-old The Bachelor contestant does for a living. Ivana is a Bar Mitzvah Dancer and resides in Queens, New York. Her bio also reveals she does hand modeling from time to time.

But Ivana’s LinkedIn page tells a different story. According to her page, she is a Customer Experience Specialist at One Drop. She has worked there for over a year, and the company specializes in digital health.

Before One Drop, she worked as a Wholesale Assistant/Exhibitor for Smith Agency for eight years. Ivana has worked multiple jobs as a bartender and server over the years for different restaurants.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from Savannah College of Art and Design.

What is Ivana Noble’s Instagram?

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Ivana’s Instagram page is full of fun facts and an inside look into The Bachelor contestant’s life. Fans can follow her page @ivananoble. Her social media bio says she is a model, hand model, and actor. She also links her portfolio and Youtube page to share tips and tricks for healthy living and a shredded physique.

Her Instagram feed includes photos of her doing modeling work and sharing some of her favorite healthy products with her followers. She also posts videos promoting TreeActiv products, for which she is an ambassador. Fans can also get sneak peeks at her independent work as an actor.

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